Kinderlech Farbrengen 1

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Kinderlach is a new series from the famous Boznei Binchu “kinder Farbreng”. A bestseller for all children in a Jewish home – It’s The CD Your Child Has Been Waiting For!!!!

This amazing album will keep your child tuned throughout the trip to the zoo, teaching your child to behave nicely with Middos Toives and learning to cope with phobias and fears, not to act immature like our character – Shlepic!
They’ll develop a strong feeling to be respectful and be a mench at all times in all areas!
So let your children enjoy these wonderful stories and songs all day, which will help them grow!

קינדערלעך פארברענגען - פאר קינדער פון 2 יאר אין העכער

ארויסגעגעבן דורך: הרב יצחק ליש - מלמד תשב״ר

מיט׳ן בארימטן מלמד הרב בערל סופר

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