SALE: Kinder Farbrengen Set 1 2 3

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ספעציעלע פרייז פאר די זומער $24.99 פאר די ערשטע 3 קינדער פארברענגען סידי׳ס

ארויסגעגעבן דורך ר׳ יצחק ליש, אנגעפירט דורך ר׳ שלמה שטיינמעץ 

After 5 very successful bestselling Kinder Farbrengen albums, the last of which was released just a few months ago, Lchaim Productions and R’ Yitzchok Lish are back with a special offer; Download/Buy Kinder Farbrengen 1, 2 and 3 for the low price of $24.99!

These Yiddish masterpieces, now available in MP3 format, are directed by the talented R’ Shloime Steinmetz and features the best storytellers and actors in the industry, including: Harav Matis Green, Harav Berl Sofer, Harav Eliezer Hersh Rosenfeld, Harav Yochenan Shor, Harav Fishel Shechter, The Interen Chavraya, Heshy Pavel, and many more.
There are over 10 hours of music, stories, fun and humor on this project, produced on a professional level, that hasn’t been seen before in the Heimishe market, something only R’ Yitzchok and Lchaim can pull off!

Endless amount of hours were put into this production to give your children a good time and make sure they have the time of their life and most enjoyable experience as they listen to it again and again.
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