Hush Hush - DVD

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From the producers of the best film series award Mali & Miz T's Angels, Hello, Tomorrow:

Hush Hush - Should all secrets be kept?

Runtime 2.2 hours
Plus Exciting Bonus Features!
• Behind the scenes and bloopers
• Auditions
• "Behing this" the full song
• Chazkeinu org. the stigma stops here

A closer look at mental health that will bring tears, laughter and awareness.

A Malky Weingarten Production - For Women and Girls ages 15+

When two sisters (Mimi Friedman and Avigail Steinmetz) realize that there's something unusualabout the way their mother (Tamar Garnick) is acting, they disagree on whether or not to get her help. As
the situation goes from bad to worse, they turn to Shiny (Malky Weingarten) for advice. Ultimately, the girls are forced to make a difficult choice.

Let's break the stigma. Let's talk about it.

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