Mali 2 - DVD

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Mali is Back in MALI 2!


What's in the future for....

A heartwarming dramedy with a powerful message

written and directed by Malky Weingarten


Like other girls her age, Mali (Mimi Friedman) wants to get engaged too. But-

Her aunt (Sarah Hurwitz) thinks she's not ready... Her mother (Malky Weingarten) thinks it's all too


Mrs Tweezers (Malky Kno er) thinks she just needs to push a little more and she will be a big shadchan.....

Hold on for an emotional and fun ride, as our lovable Mali learns that balancing lifes challenges, is harder than balancing on high heeled shoes.

Bonus Features:


Behind the scenes

Making Mali: a documentary film


Runtime: 1hr : 44min

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