Mali 3 - DVD

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Mali 3 - She's unusual. She's unpredictable. And her daughter loves her that way.

Mali 3 - She's Mine A heartwarming dramedy with a powerful message.

A Malky Weingarten Production - For Woman Only


Mali (Mimi Friedman/Lerner) has a daughter!
Although Mali has Aspergers, and seems strange to some, Rosi (Esty Gross) loves her mother and would never exchange her for another.
But a self-righteous neighbor (Sara Rosenbaum) decides Mali isnt fit to raise Rosi, and conspires to have her daughter taken away from her.
What she didnt realize was that she was messing with Rosi's "grandmother", Mrs Tweezers (Malky Knopfler), who wasnt going to let her get away with it!
Laugh, cry, and get touched by this NEW imaginative adventure by Malky Weingarten.

She's Mine A heartwarming dramedy with a powerful message

2 full hours of showtime!!

plus 30 minutes of special features:
Behind the scenes
Audition reels

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