Tishrei In Barditchev - Rosh Hashona

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Tishre In Bardichuv 1 - Rosh Hashanah - Reb Mattis Green

לעבט-מיט ״אמאל״ - תשרי אין בארדיטשוב 1 - ראש השנה -  הרב מתתי׳ גרין שליט״א

And finally it's here! For the very first time, an amazing new CD "Tishre in Barditchov" by the famous storyteller R' Matis Green! Featuring the beautiful background music and sound-effects by Heshy Pavel, Burech Yida Gross and Yidel Breuer, as well as stunning Choir and Boys Choir.

Listen to R' Matis in action as he's playing and multiple, fun characters for 2 hours, filled with drama, comedy, emotions and amazing life lessons for young & old.

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