Relax 365 Acapella

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This past Ellul singer Akiva Gelb released Relax 365 after the huge success of his first album the previous Purim Dance 365Relax 365 featured the biggest ballads of the year masterfully arranged by the talented Yidel Rosenfeld. There is just something is Akiva‘s voice that grabs a listener, whether is a pumping dance song or just a slow hartzig song.

With the success of both the Dance 365 and most recently Relax 365Akiva and Nigun Music are now releasing “365 Relax Acapella.” The most relaxing way to get through the three weeks. Not only didn’t they just take the music out of the current Relax 365 album, but they filled it up with soulful choir by the best voices in Israel. Produced by Chaim Gottesman and featuring choir arrangements by David Taub and Yidel Rosenfeld, Relax 365 Acapella is sure to become a part of everyone’s acapella collection.

עקיבא געלב - רילעקס 365 - בלי מיוזיק, לימי ספירת העומר ובין המצרים

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