Bechol Yom - FREE

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A new Hartzig and warm song has been released to the world, that would capture people's heart and soul to bring them closer to Hashem. By the name Bechol Yom - Bas Kol.
The words are based on a Zohar Parshas Nuso and the Baal Shem Tov-Parshes Bechukoisai.

Composed by: R' Elie Weil.

Sang with Hartz and Varimkeit by the world renowned singer Akiva Gelb, known from previous album Dance 365, that captured the world at the time of release.

Produced by: Moshe Yehuda
Composed by: R' Elie Weil.
Lyrics: Sender Gelb
Choir and Music arranged by: Yidel Rosenfeld.
Choir Sung By: Yaakov Rotblatt & Choir
Vocal editing: Yidu W Studios
Mix & Master: Ian Freitor

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