Lchaim Zitz - Hishbati

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The “Lchaim” series just released a unprecedented breakthrough new album “Lchaim Zits – Hishbati” – a chassidic kumzitz album unlike any other and will take the world by storm! Lchaim music invited all of the top Chasidic music stars to create a perfect production that the likes of which have been unheard of.

Lchaim has had many successful album ideas in the past, Albums geared to Yomim Noroim and holidays. The new idea is a breakthrough that that will make Lchaim a big part of Jewish music history! Each “team” from former Lchaim releases came together for this great production. The famed Lchaim choir, musicians, great chasidic singer, child prodigies and more all came together to make this unprecedented album.

It is an ‘Kumzits’ – or “Lchaim Zits” as its now called, the first of its kind, which compiled the best of the Chassidic compositions from ALL TIME.

The album features pleasant and relaxing music with top notch musicians accompanied by the and exciting string section. The album was produced by Lchaim’s very own Rabbi Yosef Moshe Kahane who arranges conducts the Lchaim choir (pirchei Lchaim). Spread out throughout the entire album are vocals by Rabbi Pinchas Buchler, with soloists from all the great Chasidic singers; Reb Moshe StekelReb Areleh SametReb Avremi Roth, Reb Yanky Daskal, brothers Reb Michoel and Reb Yoel Weinberger and American wunderkind Beri Kraus.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah and the Yomim Tovim there is no more appropriate time to release “Lchaim Zits – Hishbati” and bring it into your homes!


הרב יוסף משה כהנא ומקהלת לחיים טיש מגישה: לחיים זיץ - השבעתי 

ניגוני רגש ונשמה - עם  יעקב יודא דסקל, משה שטעקל, אהרל׳ה סאמעט, אברימי רוט

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