A Yiddishe Mamme

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New hit

Yiddishe Mamma is a stunning collection of new yiddish lyrics arranged by famous Harav Yosef Moshe Kahana 

In the all favorite Lchaim album series, incredible music done by Yehuda Galili.


Features massive solos by:  Dudi Kalish, Zanvil Weinberger, Yaccov Daskal, Velvel Feldman, Yoel Falkowitz, Moshe Shtekel.

Accompanied by beloved kids solos (Yeshaya Ferencz, Yoel Glick, Yossy Weiss, Moshe Mordecai Leifer)

Hear Pirchei shir Veshevach and MK choir adding their special touch.

Beautifully packaged A Lchaim Production At its Best!

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