Lchaim - Simcha Tish | לחיים שמחה טיש

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This year...experience Purim like never before...with 'Lchaim - Simcha Tish'! 
It’s coming! An all-new simcha-filled album, by Lchaim Studios – headed by Harav Yosef Moshe Kahana.
‘Lchaim’ the team behind the successful Chassidish album series’ like 'Lchaim Tish’ ‘Lchaim ZItz’  ‘Mesikos’ Yomim Tovim and Yomim Noroim albums, Yiddish song albums and many many, are now back with another exciting surprise!
After starting the winter with an exciting and very well-received new album titled 'Mizrach Tish’, they’re proud to be back, just in time for Purim, with another hit album ‘Simcha Tish’ with Malchus Choir conducted by R' Pinchus Bichler.
This magnificent album features a selection of more than 35 handpicked simcha songs from all styles, genres and colors, perfect for every season and even more so for this time of the year, starring by the greatest artists in Jewish Music, including: Areleh Samet, Zanvil Weinberger, Yaakov Daskal, Moshe Shtekel, Yoel Falkowitz, and Yosef Zev Braver.
The arrangers include; R' Chaim Menachem Hartman, R' Pinchas Bichler, plus the “Yaldei Hapela” from the U.S. by Moshy Kraus - MK Studios and Yossi Glick - Shevach.
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