Mizrach Tish - מזרח טיש

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Harav Yosef Moshe Kahana who's the brain behind 100's of Quality Chassidish Albums and the popular Shabbos Tish / Lchaim Tish series is now back with something New, Exciting and different. "Mizrach Tish" a beautifully recorded, masturfully arranged album featuring a handpicked selection of popular Sefardi songs that are being sung all over the world, but with a whole new twist! For the first time ever, the songs are being performed in a Chassidish accent and Heimishe Taam with beautiful solos by world-renowned Levy Falkowitz, Isaac Honig, Yaakov Daskal, and rising star Zanvil Weinberger!

Now that's a Chiddush!

Child Soloists and Boys Choir by MK Studios

Lchaim Choir by Hershel Brisk

Arranged by the mega talented Yehuda Galili

מזרח טיש - הרב יוסף משה כהנא

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