Kinder Farbrengen Shpilen - Sefira

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Due to popular demand: Introducing "Lchaim Kinder Farbrengen Shpilenfeaturing A Vocal Collection of your kids favorite plays from the previous Lchaim Kinder Farbrengen CDs, that has been completely remastered without music so that they can enjoyed even on the days of Sefira.
In addition we added the "Farchapt Play” as a complimentary bonus, Farchapt features a 3 hour long dramatic story played live by professional actors in front of thousands of kids last summer, and is now available for the first time in MP3 format.


Lchaim Kinder Farbreng - Shpeelen
Bonus track with Langsam and Feldman

Bonus included: Farchapt Play

לחיים קינדער פארברענגען
ספעציעל לימי הספירה - אן קיין מוזיק

באנוס טרעק
ר׳ וועלוול פעלדמאן - ר׳ יעקב יוסף לאנגזאם

ספעציעלע באנוס שפיל פארכאפט
פאר א גאנץ יאר

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