Kinder Farbrengen - Pesach

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After many successful bestselling Kinder Farbrengen albums, the last of which was released just a few months ago, R’ Yitzchok Lish is back with "Kinder Frabrengen - Pesach!”

This NEW Yiddish masterpiece, now available in MP3 format, is directed by the talented Reb Yitzchok Lish and features the best storytellers and actors in the industry, including: Harav Matis Green, Harav Eliezer Hersh Rosenfeld, A Dramatic Play directed by Ari Abramowitz, and more.
There are 4 hours of music, stories, fun and humor on this project, produced on a professional level, that hasn’t been seen before in the Heimishe market!
Endless amount of hours were put into this production to give your children a good time and make sure they have the time of their life and most enjoyable experience as they listen to it again and again.

קינדער פארברענען - יו״ט פסח

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