Interen Riken - DVD

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Neuhaus Productions Presents Intern Rikken

אונטערן רוקן - א העכסט דראמאטישע שפיל געשפילט דורך היימישע אינגעלייט

Run time: 4 hours 20 minutes

Quality: HD


Re-live the historic sold out, action packed, "INTEREN RIKEN" play that took place on Chol Hamoed Pesach 2016 in the gigantic New Jersey Performing arts Center A.K.A the "NJPAC" theater, preformed by the famous Neuhaus Production's "INTEREN CHAVRAYA" !
Where Ten's of Thousands of people watched history come alive as we took the trip back to where it all began... AMERICA, 1776. George Washingtons spies are the only thing that can still help the Americans win the war against the British.

With this DVD release you get a front row view of all the action! Plus it's packed with tons of Bonus "Behind the Scenes" footage !

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