Interen Shverd - DVD

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אונטערן שווערד פלעי - חול המועד סוכות תשע״ח

Run time: 4 hours 

Quality: HD

אונטערן שווערד - Interin Shverd with the Intern Chavraya.

א העכסט דראמאטישע שפיל געשפעילט אויף אידיש דורך היימישע אינגעלייט


The highly anticipated DVD release is finally here !


Re-live the historic sold out, action packed, "INTEREN SHVERD" play that took place on Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5778 in the gigantic New Jersey Performing arts Center A.K.A the "NJPAC" theater, preformed by the famous Neuhaus Production's "INTEREN CHAVRAYA" ! Where Ten's of Thousands of people watched as Jewish Entertainment was taken to unimaginable new hights.

"INTEREN SHVERD" captivated audiences of all ages and is sure to entertain the whole family for hours non-stop.With this DVD release you get a front row view of all the action!

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