Adventures Of The Shpy! - DVD

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Run time: 38 minutes 
© Torah Treasure

Heeeeees baaack! Gather around boys and girls! The Shpy is now headed to the big DVD screen!
There’s trouble in the air. When Agent 18 spots a man delivering “Moldstein's chocolate” to a grocery store that sells “Goldstein's chocolate,” he gets a funny feeling in his stomach! And it's not from something he ate! Obviously, the Yetzer Harah is up to no good! Agent 613 calls upon the one and only Shpy to make sure the YH gets his just desserts!
The Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos Hashem! Together with his sidekick Feivel, the SHPY keeps the Yetzer Horah from interfering with Jewish children learning Torah and doing mitzvos. The Shpy teaches children timely and timeless lessons in a very tasteful way using humor and fun! 
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