The Rebbe’s Niggunim - DVD

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Join Zaidy as he brings 7 Nigunim to life with exciting music videos, featuring some of today's most popular singers! Featuring: Benny Friedman, 8th Day, Eli Marcus and Chaim Fogelman.

Run time: 32 minutes

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In the early 1950's the Lubavitcher Rebbe reintroduced and taught 14 Niggunim that became known affectionately as “The Rebbe’s Niggunim." Each melody is special, whether it is the tune of the rebellious general Shameil or the Nigun that was given to a Yid as a reward from above.

Join Zaidy as he explains the meaning and provides the background to seven of these unique melodies, then sing along with some of today's most popular performers as they act out the stories behind the Rebbe's Nigunim.

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