Yavo Shalom

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Peace Will Come 

יבוא שלום - איתן פרייליך

My father would encourage our family to travel. He said it’s the best form of education one can get. Only now, as I travel across the world to sing and perform, do I appreciate this wisdom. And as I meet people and communities across the world, young and old, traditional and modern, I see how music transcends our differences and unites our souls as one Jewish nation.
But aside from these moments, we can all too often descend into discord as we let our differences divide us. This new album, Yavo Shalom, is a call for unity, and a plea for peace.
If we join together in singing a new song to Hashem, peace will come. If we serve Hashem with joy, peace will come. If the music of unity inspires us to actively seek out unity, peace will come. It’s time to beat the drum of unity, and let music march us towards the peace yet to come.
Eitan Freilich
ראש חודש חשון תשע״ט
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