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Yamoid - Shia Berko

Leiby Moskowitz is known as the youngest composer and writer in the Jewish music industry
He composed 'Yoely Vee Bistee', 'Eyes To My Father' and 'Mimini Michoel'. He also wrote the popular hits 'Yesh Tikvah - Yiddish Version', 'The Jewish Despacito' and 'Chaveirim Kol Yisroel'.

Leiby teamed up with one of the famous wedding singers, Shea Berko on his latest project: A fresh Techno Dance song called 'YaaMoid'.

Shea and Leiby go back years, both started the same time, in Tzehlimer camp, 10 years ago, Shea is todays leading performer, singing night after night by weddings.

Lyrics • מילים
הכל הביא גודל לאלוקינו, ותנו כבוד לתורה
חתן קרב יעמוד

עמוד עמוד עמוד, חתן יעמוד
הגיע עת רקוד, עת רקוד
מיט'ן גאנצן כח
טאנצן הויעך
הגיע עת רקוד, עת רקוד


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