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Sonic Duo Presents, the latest single from Sruly Green.

Sometimes a song sits just long enough to have it heard and released in the right time! This song was composed a while ago for another project, and at the last minute the song wasn't taken. It had different words, but it never felt like it worked. Then last week Sruly Green was sitting by Mendy Hershkowitz studio working on other songs and at the last moment, Sruly decided to play this track, with the new words, Kamatz Aleph.

Everyone was excited, and Sruly was encouraged to release it right away before Purim. That's when Zishy Surkis, a close Chaver of Sruly brought him to the studio to record the new lyrics, and together they went to Shevach studio in Skver lead by Yossi Glick a leader of Yingerlich choir. The song was finalized and ready to be heard!

Every song has it's own path, and this one took the path it was meant for you to hear it today! Song produced by Sruli Broncher and will be available everywhere for download and streaming!

Composed by: Sruly Green
Produced by: Sruli Broncher
Presented by: Sonic Duo
PR/Marketing: Sruly Meyer
Cover Art: Yiddy Spira


קמץ אלף א א א
פתח אלף א א א
סגול אלף א א א
צירי אלף איי איי איי

אלץ קינד מלערענט גלייך
נאך פאר איעדע פאך
עס איז א וויכטיג זאך
נקודת איז וואס מאכט די שפראך

קמץ אלף א א א....

אלץ קינד......

אלף , בית , בית , גימל , דלת , הא וו , זין , חית , טית , אין יודעלע , כף כף ענדע כף, למד , מם , ענדע מם , נון , ענדע נון , סמך , עין , פא , פא , צדיק , ענדע צדיק , קוף , ריש , שין , שין , תו אין תו

אא בא בא גא דא הא וא זא חא טא....

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