The Mystery of The Iron Key

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Yissocher the Blacksmith was located off a well traveled road. He was known to one and all as an expert craftsman. Yissocher was also known for his hachnosas orchim and chesed. Life continued as usual until late one night there was a knock at Yissocher’s door. No one was there. But there was a package. Within that package lied – The Mystery of The Iron Key.

The Mystery of The Iron Key is a tale of suspense, drama, humor and the unexpected that is sure to keep the listener at the edge of their seat wanting to know what will happen next. You will meet a host of colorful characters who are sure to entertain and capture the interest of young and old alike. As an added bonus, this CD features a guest appearance by Rabbi Erps’s legendary father Rabbi Yitzy Erps! This CD is great for Sefira and the Three Weeks and all year round.
Over 75 minutes running time

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