The Malkie Show DVD 2

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Davidowitz Productions presents:

The Malkie Show By Malkie Knopfler

Season 1 DVD 2 Episodes 6-10 • Over 4 hours of entertainment 
Available on DVD and USB


Watch. Laugh. Enjoy. Repeat.

The Malkie Show was created to fill a niche in the jewish world. bringing entertainment and inspiration together, culminating in quality kosher entertainment for the female population worldwide.

EPISODE 6 - Insta-Chef with Naomi Nachman, Guest Judge Sarah Lasry

EPISODE 7 - Mrs. Miriam Loeffler [Author "My Children's Blue Eyes"], Raizy Pavlov [@dancewithraizy]

EPISODE 8  - Chanchy Tenenbaum, Traveling Mom

EPISODE 9 - Fally Klein, Susan Levy

EPISODE 10 - Chayala Neuhaus, Shayna Summers, Bracha and Rachelli Rosenthal, Chagit Leviev


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