The Great Debate

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The Loop - The Great Debate 

Starring Rabbi Yoel Ferber, Boruch Perlowitz, Meir Ben Dayan And Yaakov Berger

A spellbinding production with a complete cast of professional actors, The Great Debate is a moving tale of emunah in Hashem in the darkest times.
Set in Krakow, Poland, the story features Rav Mendel Strassberg and his son Shloimele, who are separated from each other when Shloimele is kidnapped by the wicked Zginiew Mzlateslavsky and holed up in a monastery to forget his faith.
Will Shloimele discover who he really is - a precious child of Hashem?
Will father and son reunite?
Will Rav Mendel triumph over the evil Zginiew Mzlateslavsky before he expels all the Jews from Krakow?
And who will win The Great Debate?


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