The Gift of Time (Single)

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After the first hit of "Moussiapella Halev Sheli", we are excited to announce our second song release! Using one of the heart piercing melodies of Beri Weber, we took the song and completely transformed it into our own. I humbly present to you "The gift of Time"-
"The story of our lives. A Creator who gives chances time and time again to the soul that came into this world. Some days are just too hard...we break down...we stumble...but with a merciful Father, and His enduring love we are taught to "get up and dance again" and never give up. We are constantly being given..."The Gift of Time". You must believe in yourself, because your Father believes in YOU"

Concept/message: Rebbetzin Sarah Mendelsohn, Moussia Mendelsohn
Manager: Rivkah Mendelsohn
Lyrics: Chaya Sarah Schlussel, Moussia Mendelsohn
Studio: CRstudio
Graphic Design: Malka Shtern

*Shutout to the film "Sweet Dreams"-directed by Chaya Sarah Schlussel, a mashal (example) of this beautiful song.

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