Tatte Mi Loiben Dir - Free Album

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“Tatte Mir Loiben Dir” 
By Kollel Beis Yosef Melbourne 
Featuring Yumi Rosenbaum, Ari Moskowitz, Duvid Pollak and Duvid Moshe Halpern 
New Melbourne Music Release for upcoming Kollel Beis Yosef dinner
An album of 4 new songs has been released in anticipation of the upcoming "Seudas Hodoah - Kollel Beis Yosef Dinner" on 10th Adar 5778 in Melbourne Australia.
The general theme of the songs is of course "Hodoah" - with 3 songs based on words from Nishmas and Modim. 
The songs were composed especially for the evening by yungerleit from Kollel Beis Yosef.  A new Purim song was also specially composed for this album by Yumi Rosenbaum. 
Music was arranged by Hillel Kapnick in Monsey NY, and the vocals were recorded at a Melbourne studio.  A men's and boys' choir also feature on all the tracks, which adds alot to the overall quality of the project.  
The album starts with "Berino Yispoar", a fast dancing song, followed by "Ad Heino", a slow hartzig tune, then "Modim" a leibedig Hora song, and finally "Kimi Vekibli" a fast Purim tantz nigun.
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