Storytime Mentchees

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Introducing the Mitzvah Kinder Storytime Mentchees – a delightful set featuring six charming Mitzvah Kinder story characters and a Monkey Story Booklet with vibrant images illustrating the heartwarming tale in Yiddish and English.

Kids will enjoy hours of endless Jewish imagination and fun, pretending and playing with siblings and friends.

The Mitzvah Kinder Storytime Mentchees Set is a gift every child will cherish.

The monkey story is also featured in our large format hardcover Pesach with the Mitzvah Kinder Story Book (sold separately).


Set includes:

  • The Poritz (Evil Lord)
  • Mekel the Monkey
  • Reb Moishe (Moshka)
  • Mother
  • Zanvil
  • Kreindel
  • Storytime Booklet
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