Soul Sparks 3

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"When words fail, music speaks". This audio is a riveting 50 minutes experience combining inspirational stories and music to ignite your soul. Creating a reflective atmosphere, it is the perfect audio for adults, kids and everyone in between.
Listen in the car, in the kitchen, or whenever in the mood of being inspired.
1} Matches (4:32)
2} Sandikos (3:45)
3} Miracle Baby (7:31)
4} The Stutterer (5:10)
5} A Paralyzed Man (14:58)
6] Stranded at Sea (16:53)
Rabbi Ari Neuwirth, is a successful mechanech with over twenty years of experience in the classroom. Rabbi Neuwirth, a warm and passionate speaker, is a featured lecturer on TorahAnytime and storyteller on The Loop.
He is invited by many renowned organizations to address educational and inspirational topics.

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