Slow Down

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8th Day, the band that has produced hits like Hooleh, Celebrate, Cheery Bim, and of course Ya'alili, are back with their latest endeavor: "Slow Down". The most original and innovative group in Jewish music today now releasing their seventh studio album; and in the band's opinion it is their most ambitious record to date. According to Bentzi and Shmuel Marcus of 8th Day this is the longest consistent period of time they spent writing and producing an album.

With 8th Day's usual eclectic and melodic flavors, these songs are an exciting collection of soulful-fun-thought provoking-dancing inducing-catchy tunes, that all can enjoy. Get ready to "Slow Down" into some timeless messages and a musical journey in the way that only 8th Day can deliver!

1. Kapayim כפיים
2. Moses In Me
3. One Of A Kind
4. Slow Down
5. Torah תורה
6. Don't Shy Away
7. Everything Is You
8. A Better Me
9. Shvitz שוויץ
10. Rak Smachot רק שמחות

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