Silver Skates - DVD

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Get ready for something you have never seen before - Regal on Ice! This year, along with the amazing music, dance, gym and ballet that the audiences have come to expect – Regal Productions has produced an entire show on skates!

Skate dancing and baton twirling, moving ballads and an actual skating race combined with a heartwarming story full of plot twists, lovable, relatable characters and humor - this is a combination that is sure to capture your imagination and thoroughly entertain.

Set on the frozen canals of Holland in 1860, follow the famous story of Hans Brinker, the boy who stuck his finger in the hole in the canal wall. Catch up with the Brinker family five years after their father has suffered a fall that has left him with a severe head injury. The family is financially poor, but rich in love. Their one desire is to find someone who can cure their father. But how will they pay?

Hans and his little sister Gertie hear about the Race for the Silver Skates and wonder – if they win, could they sell the skates to pay for a doctor to help their father? Join us on the banks of the Zuiderzee to learn who will win the silver skates!

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