Shvuchim 2 - Sefira

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Yossi Glick - Shvach Choir - Shevuchim Vol 2

Your Greatest Hits Vocal Album

R’ Yosef Glick is excited to release the much anticipated “Shvuchim” Sefira album!

Shvuchim 2 Is a 'Vocals Only' collection album feat. the most popular hits in the Jewish Music market, heard the last few years at Simches and All Kind of Events. 

While working on many big projects, R’ Yosef took some time off to work on this special project, a Chassidishe acapella album for the days of Sefira and the 3 weeks. This album features some of the this years biggest hits including; famous Sukkah'le song, Chesky Weiss’s Hashata Huchu song, Motty Ilowitzt’s Eini Yodea, and even Shmueli Ungar’s Bnei Heichulu, enhanced by the amazing Shevach Choir and Shevach Boys Choir and accompanied by guest stars Yanky Daskal, Ari Hill, Sruly Altman, Moshe Eizenberg, Ahrele Samet, Meir Adler, Levy Falkowitz, Menachem moskowitz, Mendy Weiss, as well as several talented child soloists!

Shvochim 2 was directed and engineered by R’ Yosef Glick and his incredible team at Shevach Studios in Upstate NY.
Mixed & Mastered by: Chaim Gottesman

The album is currently available online on Nigun Music & Mostly Music and in all music stores around the world, distributed by Lchaim Music.

Be Inspired By This New Masterpiece!

שבחים 2  - ר׳ יוסף גליק, שבח

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