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For WOMEN and GIRLS only • PDF Booklet included 

Dobby Baum and The Brooklyn Girls Choir

“Rejuvenate”- with 11 brand new original songs!

Choir Arranged and Directed by Dobby Baum

An Edgware Studio Production

Mixed and Mastered by Gershy Schwarcz

Songs Composed by Pinny.B and Dobby Baum

Vocals Recorded at the Brooklyn Girls Choir Studio (Brooklyn) and Edgware Studios (Monsey)

Music Arranged by: Rafael Soffer, David Taub, Shloimy Salzman, Moshe Klein, Zishe Schnitzler and Yidel Breuer.

Track 2 on the CD is a song called “Gali” which is a tribute to charlene Aminoff about the miraculous story that happened to her daughter Gali. The song filled with passion and chizuk to people around the world! Composed by Dobby and Lyrics by Chanale Fellig.

To see the lyrics and more- download the pdf digital booklet!


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