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The words of "Raykum Al T'shivaynu" articulate every Jew's silent plea that Hashem answer his tefilos and fulfill his bakashos.

As we turn our eyes heavenward, we pray that our tefilos will be accepted, and that the Borei Olam- who knows us better than we know ourselves - will look upon us favorably and with rachmanus.

The song is dedicated to the Refuah Sheleima of a dear chaver. We plead for Hashem to give him and all of our struggling brethren the chizuk to overcome the seemingly impossible challenges being faced each day. Whether asking for help with physical, emotional or financial issues, we offer our hearfelt tefilos to hashem and ask that in his unlimited mercy Raykum Al Tishiveinu.

Submitted by Amidah Group

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