One Time One Time - Yomim Noraim

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Enjoy this new Album from MRM Music featuring Stories, Inspiration, & Songs for the Yomim Noraim. Narrated by Dynamic Speaker Rabbi Eli Scheller. 

Rabbi Eli Scheller is on a mission to bring Yiddishkeit alive to the youth of today. He has taught as a Rebbe in the classroom, bringing practical lessons to every subject he teaches. In his inimitable style, his stories inspire thousands across the globe
leaving children (and adults) thirsty for more. His stories skillfully woven together with musical accompaniment will bring lofty concepts into practical terms that the youngest of children can understand

Produced By MRM Music 
Narrated By: Rabbi Eli Scheller
Music Produced By: Hillel Kapnick
Recorded   @UptopStudios   (Monsey, NY) 
Graphics By: ThinkingKaps Marketing


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