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NOSTALGIA - A blast from the past. Featuring Michoel Schnitzler, R’ Yermiya Damen and Yisascher Guttman.

A blast from the past, NOSTALGIA is an album like no other, with 20 brand new songs accompanied by live music. Released just in time for Chanukah.

Produced by Michoel Schnitzler - featuring some the greatest Chassidishe singers of our time.
Sung by Michoel Schnitzler, R’ Yermiye Damen and Yissachar Guttman. Choir by Moshe Krauss and others.

Indulge in NOSTALGIA, Sit down, grab a taste of the past and bring back those sweet memories from a time long bygone.
NOSTALGIA - taste old times with music of today.


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