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Highly anticipated album "Noam 2" is finally here!

 Immediately following the amazing success and outstanding feedback of their first album, Mechon Noam

wasted no time and began the process of working on the follow up album. Produced and Directed by JJ Fried



The new album titled Noam 2, features 10 Nigunnim, hidden gems composed by Admor M’Skulen Shlit”a

and his father The Skulen Rebbe Zt”l and has been made into a real masterpiece of the highest quality in

Jewish Music.


Noam 2 features some of the most popular and very talented vocalists including; Motty Steinmetz, Zanvil

Weinberger, Yisroel Werdyger, Yaakov Daskal, Moshe Shtekl, Yesoschor Guttman, Isaac Honig as well

as some sweet solo’s by Yaldei Hapela (Child Soloists) Yoeli Glick, Yitzchok Lunger and more.


Songs were arranged by the best of the best Mona Rosenblum, Ruvi Banet, Yehuda Galili, Shua Fried and

Moshe Laufer, each adding their own creative touch.


The album is being distributed to stores everywhere by Lchaim Music.

נועם 2 - ניגוני סקולען

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