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Avigdor Meir Presents:

Moshe Klien’s debut album is here Nit’tzoz Yehudi

It has been five years since Moshe Klein took the Jewish Music industry by storm, performing at weddings nightly and gracing stages all over Israel.

Moshe Klein has become a household name with his exceptional vocal abilities. His no-limit range backed up with vocal power is felt throughout the room, making him a powerhouse with top-quality vocals and energy on any stage.

With his début album, Moshe delivers a range of music genres, bringing us from authentic ballads to full-on pop electro. Moshe intended to connect with his diverse audience and show his musical preferences.

On this album, he put together an all-star lineup of producers and songwriters: Elchanan Elhadad, Eyal & Yair Shriki, Eli Klien & Yitzi Beri, Benny Laufer, Yochanan Uri, Naftali Schnitzler, Shmulik Berger, and more.

משה קליין - ניצוץ יהודי

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