Nissim Through Tehillim

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Nissim Dorech Tehillim is a stunning collection of new Yiddish lyrics arranged by Leiby Moskowitz incredible music done by Shimon Strohli with Master Engineer and Mixer Gershy Schwartz!

Featuring massive solos by popular singers: Leiby Weider, Yoely Falkowitz Reb Shoime Toissik, Chaim Blumenfeld, Akiva Gelb, Yoely Klien, Chaim Green, Aron Spilman, and beloved kids solos Avrum Chaim Green, Yoely Glick from Yiddish Nachas, and Shulem Saal with Pirchei Shir Veshavach Choir  

 Guest Reb Shulem Mordche Rubashkin first time ever recorded!

 מפעל הפצת תהלים פרעזענטירט

ניסים דורך תהלים

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