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Its time to get excited: here is one of the most surprising things in the world of Jewish music. Singers Ishay Ribo and Motty Steinmetz are releasing a hit single called Nafshi.

Connecting Worlds: The Revolutionary Duet Of The Two Giants In Jewish Music – Ishay Ribo & Motty Steinmetz “Nafshi”

The two singers are wildly popular in their respective musical worlds, and their combined YouTube channels have garnered millions of views.

The two singers had a very hard time connecting to a song that fit both their vocal styles properly for a duet, until the young composer Shmuel Yefet came along. Dovid Ichilovitz, who manages Yishai’s band, wrote a spectacular arrangement for the song as well.

ישי ריבו - מוטי שטיינמץ - נפשי

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