Mevakshei Hashem

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Dear friends,

When the Baal Shem Tov set out to revitalize Yiddishkeit, music, the koach haniggun, was one of the foundational pillars of his path. Looking into the vast darkness of the final era before Mashiach’s arrival, the tzaddik understood that holy melodies filled with depth and yearning would allow each and every Jewish neshama to tune out the deafening madness of the modern world and escape to a heavenly island of connection to Hashem. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught that a niggun has the power to bring a Jew back to life. The holy Aish Kodesh wrote that song is one of the ladders upon which a Jew can climb to heaven. To the chassidic masters, music was an avodah, a medium of connection, a universal language with which to articulate our inexpressible love for Hashem.

This project is not a standard music album. We see this album as a journey, an avodah, a life-changing teaching whose many shining facets are reflected in each song. As you listen to this album, take in the beautiful art, and read the accompanying messages, we ask that you approach the melodies and images with the intention to connect to Hashem and to broaden your understanding of teshuvah, geulah, simchah, ahavas Hashem, penimiyus haTorah, the Jewish neshamah, and the unique task of our wondrous generation. We hope that you will join us in allowing these special niggunim to awaken an overwhelming love for Hashem and a deep—seated yearning to become “baalei Teshuvah” - this Elul and beyond.

Thank You, Hashem for the zechus of bringing this message to Am Yisrael. Thank You Hashem for all the wonderful singers, producers, and musicians that we have been blessed to work with and who have become a part of the TYH family. Thank You Hashem for our Rebbeim whose guidance and support has brought us to this special moment. Finally, Thank You, Hashem for Mendy Portnoy and Yakov Josephy for their dedication which made this all possible.

May we all merit a year filled with gratitude, happiness, growth, and closeness to Hashem through Torah, tefillah, and neginah d’kedusha.

— TYH Nation & Mishpacha

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