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New York Boys Choir Proudly presents NYBC III: Menagen (2017).

The boys are back! The New York Boys Choir that is, along with legendary producer Yitzy Bald to help you celebrate the new year with fresh new music. Menagen is the culmination of over three years of work, which started right after the release of their last album NYBC 2: The Sequel.

Yitzy still has the touch. From the man that wrote hit songs for Dovid Gabay, Avraham Fried, MBD, Michoel Pruzansky and literally every other name in the industry, come not ten but sixteen all new songs! While NYBC II was very English heavy with original English lyric songs, this new album only has two. With that said, Yitzy is still the master of Hebrew sometimes writing his own lyrics.

All the songs, arrangements, vocals, and messages on this album are written and sung with heart and soul. They are fun, fresh, and meaningful all at the same time. Yitzy worked on the arrangement with two big hitters in the musical world to make sure the sound was fresh, Aryeh Kunstler and Doni Gross. Aryeh even did some of the backup vocals on some of the songs, instilling some of his amazing flavor to the NYBC sound.

Missing that “fresh” sound in Jewish music? Need something uplifting to help you get through you’re day? Look no further NYBC 3: Menagen has it all. The album is in stores now through Aderet Music and available for digital download on all major platforms.

So start off the New Year on a high note… MENAGEN!

מנגן - ניו יורק בויס

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