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Avraham David has it in a giant. He knows how to identify potential hits and perform them with talent.

He is currently working on his second album with the production of Levik Touboul, and together, the French duo is producing an album rich in unique materials that has not been heard in Hasidic music for a long time.

The first single released is called “Melech Chai“. A catchy anthem and just as hot as a summer hit should be. The melody, which currently has more than 50 cover versions and is considered an international hit, makes its first ‘Aliyah’ to Israel, performed in Hebrew by Avraham David. “In fact, not many people know, but this is a melody from the 1930′s written by an Italian violinist and originally performed in Yiddish …” David reveals. The talented Udi Damari adapted the popular melody and created an excellent rhythm and music.

Bella Ciao is at its origin a Yiddishe song, that became very popular in the music industry around the world. The song has been released in hundreds versions those pasts months.

Today we are so proud to bring back this song at its jewish roots!!

Avraham David is an artist who lives in Strasbourg but performs all over the world. His first album “Yahalom/Diamond” was very successful, which pushed him forward to making this new upcoming album.

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