Me'imka D'Lipa

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Lipa Does it Again!!

Music is a language that's universal. It is understood equally well by citizens of every country. Its rhythms reach out and touch the soul, stirring sentiments deep inside us all.

Starting from "Splash!"  becoming pure, to singing the praises of Hakodosh Borech Hu, "Choson Domeh L'Melech". "Mi Chochom" boasts a very unique kumzitz style, while "Ich Hub Gechapt" goes the other way, with a bit of humor... 

This CD has 16 tracks geared to every style of the 21st century.

And  "Achron Achron Choviv",  Lipa doesn't finish there. He gives it all to you "Me'imka D'Lipa", from the depths of his heart.
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