Lost In Nepal DVD

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When Shmuel , a senior government official, is informed that his flight from India has been delayed for a day, he is understandably annoyed. He is used to following the organized schedule, and this has thrown off his plans. Ayel, his seatmate on the plane, is not disturbed in the least. He had been traveling around India for a year, and has plenty of time to spare. When both of their passports are misplaced, they are forced to cross India and Nepal together in order to reach the closest consulate so they could make it back to Israel before Rosh Hashanah. However, it seems that a string of strange mishaps, mistakes, and malfunctions will keep them trapped in India forever. This is a comical drama about two men from different worlds that find themselves together against their will and join forces so they can celebrate Rosh Hashanah with their families.

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