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Mesorah High School Presents

Libeini - לבינו

For Women and Girls Only


Our CD, Libeinu, tells a story. It tells a story of hours of planning, singing, and many months of dreaming. It tells the story of a small out-of-town school in the middle of Dallas, Texas, and how much can be accomplished when sixty girls come together.
It’s hard to believe that it was just a few short months ago that Project Shay was launched in Mesorah High School. The goal of the project was to come together as a school and raise awareness about Rett Syndrome, and to provide chizuk for the Krengel Family, a special family in Dallas with the most adorable little girl: Shayna.
Over the past few months, Shayna has become our school mascot, and many have taken turns going to play with Shayna in her home.
We wanted more! We wanted a real, tangible way to connect and support families that are challenged with this nisayon. An idea was born to produce Libeinu. The sheer amount of achdus and talent that is reflected through this CD exceeds anything we could have ever predicted. Many girls have contributed their beautiful voices to sing on the CD, investing hours of their own time to come to practices and perfect their parts. Others have channeled their passion and creativity to help publicize the CD, and run the Sales program, which is helping take a community-wide idea, and turn it into a world-wide masterpiece.
But the beauty of this all is that every single girl in our school has contributed in their own special way to make this dream a reality.
The name of our CD, Libeinu, means Our Hearts. The message of our CD is that when we put Our Hearts into something, truly invest and sacrifice in a way we never thought we could, we can accomplish anything.
May HaKadosh Baruch Hu hear the deep yearning in Our Hearts, and help Shayna and her family.


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