Lev El Haneshama

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R' Cheskie Weisz and Naftali Schnitzler relationship goes back many years. Naftali would often hear R' Cheskie's incredible nigunim, and davening on Yom Tov. They kept in touch over the years, always discussing this idea one day coming true. ⁣

That day is near, in a matter of days, Lev El Haneshama will be released to the world. An album of 14 beautiful songs. ⁣

R’ Cheskie's compositions penetrate straight to the heart. Now klal Yisroel can actually enjoy his wonderful treasures. With great siyata dishmaya, you have the Album “Heart to Soul,” which is exactly what this music is. ⁣

Hartziga songs that speak deep to the heart, which is the soul. This album is also very unique because the songs are all brand new melodies with a richness, like the flavor of the old, classic, tasteful songs, inlcuding the new hit Sukkah'le - סוכה׳לע sung by Mordechai Ben David (MBD) and Yeedle  ⁣

This album will light up every home it’s played in! ⁣

Produced by: Naftali Schnitzler ⁣
Project & Creative Director: Hershy Weinberger ⁣
Songs Composed by: R’ Chesky Weiss

Music Arranged by: Moshe Mordechai (Mona) Rosenblum, Moshe Laufer, Naftali Schnitzler, Zisha Schnitzler, Nir Graff, Ruvi Banet, Eli Laufer, Eli Lishinsky ⁣

Songs performed by: MBD, Avraham Fried, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yeedle Werdyger, Shmueli Ungar, Beri Weber, Motty Steinmetz, Areleh Samet, Pinky Weber, Benny Friedman, Isaac Honig, Dovy Meisels, Shlome Daskal, Mendy Weiss, Zanvil Weinberger⁣

Vocals recorded by: Naftali Schnitzler @ Schnitzler studios, Brooklyn NY, Gal Kol Studios, Israel. Yossi Tyberg @ MBD Studios, Seagate NY. Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgeware Studios, Monsey NY.⁣

Choir by:⁣
The Shira Choir/Yoely Horowitz, The Yedidim Choir/Yoel Hersh Fuchs, Chaveirim International/Mona Rosenblum ⁣

Cover Design by: KZ Creative ⁣
Pr/Marketing: Sruly Meyer⁣
Distributed by Nigun Music

נפתלי משה שניצלר מגיש: לב אל הנשמה - מנגוני הרה״ח ר׳ משה חזקי׳ ווייס הי״ו
Chezky Weiss - Haneshomo 

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