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Popular lifestyle blogger Raizy Fried grew up in a traditional Hungarian-Chassidishe home, where she learned to glorify the Shabbos through elegance, beauty — and (of course) fabulous, heimishe food. Now, as a busy wife and mother, Raizy shares her talents and traditions, accompanied by shortcuts and solutions to keep you sane and serene. Filled with sophisticated tablescape ideas, Raizy's favorite recipes, and uplifting personal stories, this is a special book for every Jewish woman who yearns to achieve true Oneg Shabbos.

Includes over 95 recipes with full color photos.
In this book you will learn to:
1. Greet Shabbos calmly, like a queen
2. Create a truly geshmake Shabbos experience
3. Elevate Shabbos with heimishe recipes, inspiration, and loads of tricks and tips


About the Author:
Raizy Fried is a chassidish, Jewish homemaker. Her pride is in donning an apron, baking fluffy challos with a crusty hull, and serving a ten-course meal on Wedgwood china, washed down by fine wine and dessert. Her joy is in lathering up her dishes, polishing the silverware, washing the hallway floor so that her environment sings of lemons and paradise. You’ll find her in classic, tailored dresses or muted two-piece casuals, epitomizing the chassidish Jewish values of modesty, creativity in the home, and good, attentive nurturing.

And yet this young wife, mother, and homemaker is at the cutting edge of design, marketing, and communications. She is a creative entrepreneur who has attracted the attention of some of the business world’s greatest minds.
Raizy is a writer, food stylist, recipe developer, and these are just a few of the honed skills in her repertoire, skills she brings to the table to make businesses shine.
She is a self-made woman, forging her own path with great wisdom, sensitivity to her past, and the forward-looking of tomorrow, knowing each person can reach for the stars.

When Raizy isn't working on another project, she’s investing her time and talent in her popular Instagram page @raizyscookin.
Raizy has a powerful voice in her niche market of Jewish foodies, homemakers, and the thousands of women inspired by her love of home and hearth. Her 39K-plus Instagram followers, who eagerly await each post, are drawn to her because of her enthusiasm, professionalism, and a personality full of wisdom, insight, and great warmth.


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