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New!! Lama!! Remix!!  When from the distance the bright colors are perceived and covered with its opposites, that’s why when you invest some effort, and you long for its source, the reality will surprise you, it will prove how deceiving its mask can be, The Queen Esther knew this secret all along, that’s why every morning she would go to her bedroom window and from that mighty palace window she would gaze towards the sky’s and cry out “קלי קלי למה עזבתני״ And Yes...
This is the revelation,
When from nowhere,
No expectation,
When you realize,
That the darkness hides the light,
And the night is so bright,
How Ein Sof sets the stage,
He chose you as the actor,
He is the Writer and the Director,
We can’t stop the laughter...

Lama? Originally performed with the LPR band in 2018 (see link:
This year Beri decided to bring out his feelings in this song Lama in a whole new genre, Lama? in a EDM Remix style.
Produced by: Gershy Schwarcz - Edgware Studios
Music Produced by: Moshe Klein
Directed by: Beri Weber
Lyrics: (By: R'Sholom Mordcha Roth)

למה - בערי וובר

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