Kosher Kitchen

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Mitzvah Kinder® Kosher Kitchen Set, is part of the Yiddish Home Collection, and has won the hearts of yiddishe kinderlach worldwide.

This set is a great addition to the Mitzvah Kinder® Play House, with a real refrigerator, milchig and fleishig counters, kosher baking & cooking accessories and more.

Kids will enjoy hours of endless Jewish imagination and fun, pretending and playing with siblings and friends.

Mitzvah Kinder® Kitchen Set is a gift every child will cherish.


Set includes:

Mommy mentchie
Malky mentchie
2 aprons
Milchig counter-sink & stove
Fleishig counter sink & stove
Pan & eggs
Fleishig pot & cover
Egg Carton
2 spatulas
Soup ladle
Kneading bowl
Dough & rolling pin
Washing cup
Shabbos blech
Shabbos hot water urn

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