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Uzi Bodner - You are with me (Ki Ata Imadi)

LYRICS -Through all the times I was afraid. There never was a time I felt alone.
Through the darkness of nights and the coldest of days, I thank you the one above.
I'm this journey to find my way. The future seems uncertain and unknown. But one thing is constant I know that you'll be there , I thank you Hashem Echad.

CHORUS: Cuz I believe in you my father the king of the world, and no matter what I know that you are with me. Open my eyes I recognize that I'm not by myself, it's true Ki Ata Imadi.

I feel the warmth of your embrace. Signs that show you're looking out for me. For all the love that I'll never even know, I thank you Hashem Echad.

BRIDGE: I know yes I know the world may seem so out of control.
Yeah I see, yeah I see it's always good for me. And I pray yeah I pray that there is never a day when I feel so far away, far away from you.

Produced and Arranged by Doni Gross
Composed by Elkana M
Lyrics by Elkana M and Ruchie Torgow

Special Thank you to Yossi Bidnick

L'zecher Nishmas Zalman Yaakov ben Avraham Yisroel and Tuvia ben Yaakov

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